Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just released tonight! Golden touch

Yes another release in just 24hrs. With Pink passion almost gone I needed to step up my setout rate and decided to release Golden touch. Linked assets will be the next group batch released.

Golden Touch comes with av shirt / busty top/ pants/ miniskirt inset, 3 sizes of MM belts and a notecard. If at anytime you have a problem just im me while in Second life.
I also started a product group so you can find the new releases as soon as I set them down. I will drop and post on the spot. You can find my new group by looking up Minka Made Creations, again in second life.

All OUTFITS NOW COME WITH ECORP-MULTI (Implant Nations)-Universal IN auto appliers. If for some reason your top does not go on straight, consult your edit/edit linked parts-textures- edit values. Values can be supplied as needed if possible.

Good luck and knockem dead!

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