Saturday, November 28, 2009

Outfit going out later today Sat28th

Its called WILDON Leopard! 2nd of three in the wild on series.
It a home run outfit which means I'll be wearing it a lot! I love love love it! the leopard detail came out great. Look at the photos to see!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I want to give link to my sim

Here is link to the Pacific Coast Highway sim blog. Its a great place to visit. Come ride my jumping Killer whale. Stay at my pool and sun, (house offlimits though ok?) I see you soon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New WildOn Zebra Outfit tonight

ROARrrrrrrr oh, thats a lion. X.x Maybe I make lion next? ha.

WildOn Zebra very cute and the standard AV top came out excellent! ( I forgot pic of standard top but it not why you buy is it? giggle.)

I layout on some Minka packing boxes. Ahhh.

Freebie hair looks freebie
I added big value in this one. Sculpted mini skirt plus bikini pants this time. See the big picture and hurry to the Tittybar Store as there are only three to sell.

Must see tv for Xstreet Freebie hunters

I give you link to great video on YouTube

Monday, November 23, 2009

I have been making many many outifts.

I will make a picture gallery of them.

Pretty neat huh?
And Myspace still sucks balls.

I got kicked off of MySpace for some reason!

I don't know why but someone must hate Minka. It upset me a lot I was storing photos there and now they are gone forever.
Myspace you suck big balls. My mom put asian curse on you. haha.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I almost forgot I made Bikini Pants last night!

Heres photo of sales board. They are 75L each and they come with skinny leg and flare in one package. No limit on sales.

Today I give you Mod Squad busty girl outfit.
I made with new program and it came out nice.
Its on the shelf now at the "tittybar " store in second life.

3 boxes/units only sold. 450L each.
Not bad for island girl who can't speak english goods.

I will do customs to match you clothes if you can supply a base photo to work with. Fees are 500L for a one time top. No transfer.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheeky Checks is out today.

Heres a picture of the last till tomorrow I think. I need to sleep sometime.

Lots of new clothes happening for Minka Made.

Look at whats on table right now.

Everything but boots. ( and breasts and hair of course.)

Also on table is this.
Its called Slinky Toy Its new way to make images I learn and I spend all night making new shapes and colors to try.
I also have out fit "Cheeky Checks" going out today but I have no photo of it here.
Buts its very very cute. Almost cuter than Slinky Toy. But in different way.
I continue to make only 3 boxes of each. I will do this for as long as I see. I am asked everyday to make personal exceptions. But I cannot. So please don't ask it makes us both feels badway.
I have over 35 new things in my hard drive and dont know which to make first. I keep trying to do baggy pants but I always sidetrack.
I also try to think of different designs rather than same ones. If you have drawing or art and can show me link. I will try. Cannot promise, but will try.
I thank everyone for buying clothes as it gives me strong feeling to work harder and invest in it. ( I buy entire line of sculpty parts to really upgrade looks. New belts arm bands leg bands scarfs skirts jeans and more. This cost money I could use for shoes! So this means I really care to do good job. Oh one more thing I learn to make boot kits. So boots will be included too on limited basis.
Minka Pearl
Second life

Sunday, November 8, 2009

So many outfits So little time

I made at least 6 different outfits I think this past week and some like Angel outfit went in a matter of 1/2 day or less. Hardly enough time to set out and post. Right now there are two outfits on the table. Black latex buttonup an a red button up outfit.

I make a few baggie pants outfits next week. Then I will begin on dancer clothes. I need a bit of feed back on the look you want. So feel free to drop Me a note In second Life okay?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There are (or where) to new outfits out yesterday.

I slow to post blog and I am sorry. I have school too. I made Blue Mood and a pink outfit. Both are very cute. I like the blue very much.

Here are photos.
And here is Blue Mood.

I am having Open House at my home this Thursday. 12noon SL to 4 SL Of course you can visit anytime, just knock first. If I am clothing making I may not be able to talk. I remeind you of that ok?
Bye everyone
Minka Pearl